Sorry for being inactive everyone.

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Sorry for being inactive everyone.

Post by Teek on Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:37 pm

Some people are wondering why all of a sudden the server is low on players.
We had a situation with the other server. Within a 1-2 week period the server will be populated and admins will be active!
Please stay tuned and active on the server, we promise everything will be better than it was before because ctddd was an admin abuser. Remember when you guys got script killed? That was ctddd, Zack and Kos using admin tools and killing people for no reason.

Again sorry, but thank you for understanding that ctddd is gay and for playing on my server and not giving up. Not going to lie, we appreciate it and hope you stay with us and boycott the BBNT server because BBNT stands for Big Black Nude Turd.

Thanks to a little bitch homosexual penis licking faggot named Aaron "ctddd" Rusby and his moronic friends (Zack and Kos) who feed him their cum, there was a plight that happened with the other server. DO NOT GO IN THE BBNT SERVER, THEY WILL GET YOUR IP AND TRY TO DDOS YOU.

Thank is all,

This is Teek signing out.

My Server IP:

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